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Welcome to a 6 day long voyage from Portsmouth to Portsmouth (and yes that sounds weird but we did end up in Caen during the voyage) sailing on Jubilee Sailing Trust Ship Tenacious. The sailing trip was the Jubilee Sailing Trust being in partnership with a charity called SkillForce which was a makeup of military veterans, young people aged 16-25 and people with various disabilities. As we shall discover from this part and the next that this was Sailing With A Difference. Nobody knew each other before sailing.

In this part of the video you will see crew members learn how to do ropes to seeing both pilots from England and France guide us to and from port to seeing beautiful sunsets and sunrises at the early mornings and nights of the day. We will also see how in only just the first two days how different crew members are affected by this sailing experience as for some it was there first time sailing and for others it was their first time interacting with someone with a disability. This was a learning experience for all and I am glad that I was able to film this sailing on a tall ship and be able to share it with you all.

For me personally this was not the first time that I have been sailing with a disability as I went sailing with the JST last year and that was for the Barclays Around Britain Tour 2017 which made me come along again for this sailing trip. A much better experience this time as I was not sea sick this time which was a huge bonus! Again as I said earlier I am glad I was able to film this and just show that you can do sailing in a wheelchair or any disability actually, hope you all enjoy the experience! It was just another adventure of tall ship sailing.

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The Jubilee Sailing Trust (JST) is an international, United Nations accredited disability charity, promoting integration through the challenge and adventure of tall ship sailing. We provide life-changing adventures to people of all ages, backgrounds and levels of physical ability. Our voyages change lives by improving self-esteem, building confidence, and providing fantastic leadership and life skills.

The Prince William Award is a pioneering character and resilience programme that draws on the expertise and skills of predominantly ex-Services personnel to help children from the age of six to dare to be their best.

Dare To Be Your Best Self

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