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How Yacht is built? Assembly line video from boat factories all around the world🌊 Production plant footage documentary & Timelapce… Interior, exterior, deck, cockpit, mainsail, jip, bow etc. manufacturing…

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00:00 Bavaria Yacht: Factory tour
10:53 Amels Yacht: How it´s made?
14:21 Lurseen SuperYacht: Assembly plant
17:57 Faedship Yacht: Manufaturing process
21:21 Princess SuperYacht: Building in factory
24:39 Heesen SuperYacht: Production line

🔒Where are yachts made?
The Worlds most luxurious Yachts are built in the shipyards of the Netherlands and Germany by the famous yacht builders Feadship, Blohm+ Voss and Amels who are rated amongst the very top Yacht builders today.

🔒How are boats manufactured?
With fiberglass boat building, however, the major components of the boat – the hull, deck, liner, and large parts like consoles—are molded from fiberglass. … The mold is first sprayed with gelcoat, then fiberglass cloth is applied, and then resin is used to saturate or “wet out” the fiberglass.

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