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Florida yacht broker, Lee Hutton takes you onboard a new Overblue located in Sarasota, FL. Photos + Pricing: http://bit.ly/2BnSkkH

Overblue is a displacement power catamaran that is fuel efficient due to low hydrodynamic drag. Twin hulls also reduce weight and displacement resulting in better speed w/ greater efficiency. A cat hull design also reduces roll and eliminates a pendulum effect.

Why a power catamaran? Because of stability (seaworthiness), better cruising speeds, fuel efficiency, maneuverability (twin engines + thrusters), comfort at anchorage, and living-aboard and entertaining space.

Why a houseboat? Because of volume, comfort, large living spaces, headroom, one level floor, home appliances and one of a kind Flybridge space comparable to superyachts.

Anchoring & Maneuvering: With 2 hulls in the water, hydrostatic drag is higher compared to a conventional monohull and results in reduced movement due to winds while at anchor or maneuvering. Volvo’s Joystick docking system provides ease of maneuver.

Economy: Economical twin 370 HP Volvo diesel engines and her unique catamaran hull design result in a yacht that is sea kindly, efficient, and stable. She is far more cost effective to run than any other vessel in this size providing a great value.


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