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Among the superyachts there are some vessels that stand out and can allow their owners to enter the club of the richest yacht owners in the world. Luminosity is exactly the vessel for that reason. It’s one of the longest and biggest yachts ever made.

It’s actually 42nd among all yachts that are now in use in terms of length. But there are more surprises that you will want to know about the boat.

This vessel may be called the masterpiece of shipbuilding. Its owners may plan a trip all over the world because Luminosity can easily cross seas and oceans. Even bad storms won’t cause problems for the vessel. Among all superyachts, this one is one of the youngest.

In our today’s video we’re going to tell you everything we know about the yacht. Luminosity is really worth your time. This is great inspiration for achieving more. Want to get updated on our new videos? Subscribe to our channel:

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