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Today, I have the pleasure to virtually take you to the astonishing world of yachts & motor boats in the Port of Genova.
In particular, I will introduce you to Marco Valle, Chief Executive Officer, and to Danila, Head of Communication of Azimut-Benetti, the largest privately owned group in the world of luxury yachts.

Following me, you will have the possibility to find out the secrets of success of this leading group, capable of using the right mix of advanced technology and italian artisanal design to have always cutting-edge yachts and boats.
Moreover, take the chance to tour with me and navigate inside the “Oasis” boat, of which I will show you every single part, from the deck, living lounge to the captain’s helm.

Would you like to try and live for a few moments an amazing marine and nautical experience?
Come on board and taste Oasis’s beauty with me, you will feel a real captain and cruise in the Mediterranean sea!

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