Home » What is a mega-yacht hybrid? Paul Madden reviews 107m/353ft Benetti LUMINOSITY.

This new yacht from Benetti is being touted as a “hybrid”. It is unusual in many respects. But is it a “breakthrough”? Paul Madden looks into the specs and the claims being made about this vessel.

Reported as – one of the most significant yachts recently completed, LUMINOSITY benefits from years of design work and construction. She has massive volume (5,844 GT) as a result of 3m headroom in places. Amazing views through 811 m2 of floor to ceiling windows. 12 staterooms, a conference room, hospital, gym, and an incredible beach club with pool. Commercial helicopter capability, PYC certification, diesel electric propulsion and many green attributes and the ability to spend 12 hours at anchor, silently, on battery power are but a few of her stand out features.

Link to Benetti’s Luminosity page: https://www.benettiyachts.it/yachts/custom/fb272/

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