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The biggest yacht in the world, in Marmaris.

The world’s largest and fastest aluminum ship “Silver Fast” came to Marmaris district of Muğla for refueling.

80 million euro “Silver Fast” belonging to Burgess company which is famous for high level yachting services is connected to Marmaris Port.

Charter yacht company Burgess’s 77-meter-long Cayman Islands flagged “Silver Fast” yacht arrived in the evening hours.

It was learned from the distance that it was a military ship with a gray gray color, and that the yacht was passing through the Suez Canal from Singapore and came to the river for refueling.

In addition to the tourists in the Marmaris Bay, the workers on the sailboats and motor yachts along the harbor showed interest in yachts.

Yata Aliağa refinery recorded the duty-free refueling tomorrow.


The Australian super yacht producer Silveryachts produces a total of 2 million 400 thousand liras for a weekly rent, 80 million euros for a total of luxurious comfort.

Designed by Espen Qeino in 2015, the main deck of the yacht has panoramic large windows. Silver room with audio system in 70 thousand wattage, dining room for 20 persons, cinema hall, fitness room, spa, sauna, massage room, beauty room, jacuzzi, winter garden, study room, private sun deck, master suite, Fast has the world’s largest and fastest aluminum flooring.

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