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The 55m/ 180’5″ Project 708 had its technical launch at Shipyard Slob in Papendracht last Wednesday and arrived at the Feadship shipyard in Aalsmeer yesterday. Please enjoy this video we took from the explorer yacht from shed to shed. Footage by The Nautical Lady & Dutch Yachting.


Feadship’s press release of Project 708:

Designed by Philippe Briand and Vitruvius Yachts Ltd, the expedition-style yacht will be fully self-sufficient and exceptionally fuel-efficient. As the planned adventures include taking on the North-West and North-East Passages, Project 708 has a steel hull built to ice class and includes an advanced sonar system to explore the ocean floor. Rather than fitting traditional stabiliser fins, which run the risk of being damaged by underwater ice, Feadship will install the largest gyroscope system built to date.

In addition to this twenty-tonne unit, Project 708 will carry lots of heavy toys. Primary among these is a 6.3-tonne submarine that will be housed on the long flat aft deck along with a massive crane. The latter will be capable of lifting 7000 kg when the sub is manned and have an outreach of almost eight metres. As well as launching the sub, the crane will also be required for a limousine tender and to lift the owner’s car from aft deck to shore. Project 708’s interior has been designed by Danielle Boutsen of Boutsen Design.

The delivery will be in 2021.

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