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Tthe Feadship motor yacht Broadwater has been re-delivered by Huisfit. Broadwater left the facilities of Royal Huisman Amsterdam after an extensive and successful conversion of her interior and exterior.
Huisfit – Royal Huisman’s dedicated division for refit, rebuild and renewal – was commissioned to undertake this major project following an earlier visit to the shipyard in 2019. The scope of work ranged from various upgrades to comfort and esthetic aspects of the yacht (inside and out), to changes relating to classification requirements based on the Owner’s brief, which was to convert Broadwater into a “modern and livable home away from home” with charter… READ MORE? www.royalhuisman.com/news
Huisfit offers solutions for various types of conversions: lengthening hulls, adding carbon composite or aluminium superstructures, transformation of racers into luxury yachts, complete replacement of interiors. An overview of various Huisfit skills and potential solutions – expertise à la carte – can be found at www.huisfit.com/skills
Images by Broadwater crew, Tom van Oossanen, Dutch Yachting, Charl van Rooy, Huisfit | music by bensound.com | video edit by Huisfit #portofamsterdam #conversion #feadship #superyachtrefit #mcmnewport #adamvoorhees #huisfit #royalhuisman

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