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Yi is a young design studio focused in providing services in the areas
that we most love: yacht design, interior design and pure design in
general. Key element of our studio is our strong passion, fueled by
ongoing research in various areas of design, and therefore characterized
by a significant technological knowledge. The main
objective of our work, having as a basis the methodology of classical
nautical design, is the satisfaction of the Client, which is the
focus of all our projects. Using the most sophisticated and innovative
software it is possible to capture the dream of every customer in
terms of “right” design, and, at the same time, give consistency to
your and our ideas.Yachting Ideas comes at a time objectively
difficult but no less challenging, indeed, we believe that today
more than ever it is possible to make one’s ideas, based on respect
for the sea and the environment, take-off and become the basis for
a more concrete future.

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