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Lürssen is featured in a global documentary series in cooperation with Bloomberg about 50 Climate Leaders, based on the climate goals of the United Nations (17 SDGs). The series of films intend to show that leading global companies from various industries can, and are taking the issue of sustainability seriously. They have transplanted it into the DNA of their own companies and are already working with innovations and sustainable business models.
It is clear to us that a shipyard or the yacht industry as a whole for that matter does not have the reputation of being particularly sustainable and environmentally friendly. However, we want to show that there are technologies and activities for even more sustainable products and production processes.
We have always understood yachting to be a market that has a high demand in new technologies. Therefore, we consistently try to innovate our products to be more sustainable and many of such innovations will or may be relevant for a broader marine industry.
In order to be more effective, parts of the yacht industry have come together in the Water Revolution Foundation to further reduce the environmental impact in both production and operation of yachts.
Furthermore, as a vital supporter of the Blue Marine Foundation – an organisation that is dedicated to restoring healthy oceans by securing marine protected areas and protecting their biodiversity – we would like to encourage to further work together to save not only the future of our industry, but our oceans and not least our planet.


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