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Flying Fox, the world’s biggest charter yacht available, takes the freshest superyacht trends – and afterwards stretches them to the edge. On a canvas of this scale, that is phenomenally far: the 136-meter, six-deck Lürssen yacht towers 32 meters over the waterline – as tall as three London buses balanced end on end – and has held onto the crown as the world’s biggest charter yacht.


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Flying Fox’s 7,000 square meters of the curving exterior by Espen Øino absolutely contain a dynamite exhibit of spaces, planned with creativity by Øino, Mark Berryman and the owner, and executed with exactness by Lürssen.

The completed design clearly shows that the key takeaway from his different yachts has been an enthusiasm for watersports and wellness, which characterizes this boat.

Beside the tender garage, the spa and sports space is intended to feel cohesive – you can walk through side decks all the way around from the bathing platform to the fold own terraces on either side of the spa.

The 10 visitor suites are ranged forward of the exercise centre so that visitors can pad directly from their beds for an exercise or a morning swim.

The main highlight of the yacht is the greenery. It borders the staircase down from the upper deck and sprouts from planters set into the balustrade, while two ficus trees tower in the external corners of the space.

There are other exciting features on the outside. Take the helipad on the sundeck aft – it has an 18-meter D-value, equipped for obliging the world’s biggest helicopters, including an Airbus H175.


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