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Just how big is Project JAG? It’s the latest superyacht that’s still under construction at Lürssen in Germany and being supervised by the American-based Moran Yacht & Ship who have a long-standing relationship with the owner. In fact, for Moran Yacht & Ship, and the owner’s long-time captain, Kyle Fultz, the massive, unpainted metal hull and superstructure of the 122-meter-long Project Jag (including the bow sprit) that was launched (in traditional fashion—down a slipway!), is the third Lürssen yacht build Moran Yacht & Ship has managed for the same experienced owner. It also provides a cool perspective of what the unadorned structure of a large yacht actually looks likeBut even in its “raw” state, you can see the exterior design the superyacht superstar design team of Nuvolari-Lenard have given Project JAG a striking profile. And since Project JAG measures 122-meters-long (including bow sprit) it will offer unparalleled Reymond Langton-designed interior space when construction is completed next year. These early photos also provide a glimpse of just how massive a 122-meter-long yacht actually is. But since I’m writing from my home in the United States. And we still haven’t really caught on to the metric system yet, I usually convert meters-to-feet to make it just a bit easier for some of us to comprehend the sheer magnitude of a private yacht that measures 400-feet-long. 400-feet! That’s 1.25 football fields long! Stay tuned for much much more.

All data is taken from the source: http://forbes.com
Article Link: https://www.forbes.com/sites/billspringer/2021/06/30/lrssen-launches-yet-another-private-superyacht-thats-longer-than-a-football-field/

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