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This episode’s topic “Future Propulsion Technologies” is all about yacht propulsions. Get an overview of which propulsion solutions is currently available, what is state of the art and which future solutions are more sustainable. Which solution is the best for my yacht operation? Is hydrogen the future diesel? Is the fuel cell the solution of tomorrow?

00:00 Introduction
02:31​ Delivery of Nord (ex Opus) / Launch of Project 13800
06:39​ Julia’s Lighthouse: Evolution of yacht propulsion
10:27​ Diesel-mechanic propulsion
11:55​ Diesel-electric propulsion (with Azipods)
13:40​ Hybrid propulsion (with Azipods) / Limitless
17:54 Lürssen’s prefered solution
19:09 Tier III regulations / Lürssen’s eco-conscious approach
20:35 Exhaust aftertreatment system
24:30 Future of batteries
27:01 Fuel cells driven by hydrogen reformed from methanol
28:07 PaXell (modular fuel cell system)
35:00 First yacht with fuel cell technology
39:07 Q&A with Peter Lürssen and the audience
50:53 Julia’s Lighthouse: Future of yacht propulsion

The exhaust aftertreatment system and the fuel cell system described in this video were funded by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy on the basis of a resolution of the German Bundestag under the following funding numbers 03SX397A, 423-83.361 and 03B10601C2.

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About Lürssen:
The German yacht builder Lürssen has earned an international reputation as the specialist in exclusive, bespoke yachts of outstanding engineering mastery. The privately run company was founded in 1875 and remains solely in the hands of the fourth generation of the Lürssen family. With a workforce of 2,800 employees, Lürssen maintains eight state-of-the-art facilities in northern Germany. The headquarters are located in Bremen.

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