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Future Propulsion Technologies

15 April 2021
10:00 a.m. (Florida, CET-6) | 4:00 p.m. (CET) | 10:00 p.m. (Shanghai, CET+6)

It´s time to talk! Join the second Lürssen LIVE! episode with
Peter Lürssen, Julia Asuka Riedl, David Seal and Merijn de Waard.

Exclusive • Exciting • Interactive • Live!

This episode’s topic, “Future Propulsion Technologies”, is all about yacht propulsion. Get an overview of what is state of the art today, which propulsion systems are currently in use and which future solutions are most sustainable.
Be part of an entertaining live talk between experts within the industry and use the chance to interactively ask your questions. Which solution is the best for my yacht operation? Is hydrogen the future diesel? Is the fuel cell the solution of tomorrow? What questions do you have for Peter Lürssen?
Aside from the option to ask your questions during the live talk, you can also send us your question to [email protected] beforehand – preferably by video message so we can play these live during the talk.

Registration: https://www.lurssen.com/en/news-media-friends/live/

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