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The World’s Longest Superyacht | Azzam Yacht. The Azzam sits at an estimated US $600M in value, which is about $100million more than Eclipse. This isn’t surprising when you consider its groundbreaking technology and the immense value it offers. Indeed, three years of building and one year of engineering didn’t go to waste. Azzam (MegaYacht) is unparalleled, and its elegance is unlike anything else! A yacht is arguably one of man’s most beautiful creations to grace the ocean and seas. They are not only gigantic but luxurious, durable, timeless, and innovative in design. One yacht stands out and embodies both luxury and class; Azzam Superyacht.

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Not only do superyachts provide individuals with an ability to experience the world’s oceans unlike any other vessel, they are also a reflection of what’s possible when innovation meets design. From engineering to construction, it’s no wonder superyachts are revered for their beauty and immense capabilities. Yachts which are as long as 78 feet are said to be superyachts, and Azzam fits perfectly in such a class.

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