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Headlines: Majesty 155 mesmerized at Cannes. SYT attends the launch of the 60 meter Sarastar and Italian marina facing a hefty repair bill thanks to this cruise ship.

It’s September 12th and this is Morgane with your daily marine news

Gulf Craft’s Flagship Majesty 155 Debuted at the Cannes Yachting Festival. The flagship superyacht mesmerized guests on the first day of the Cannes Yachting Festival, captivating visitors with its grand presence along the sparkling shores of France.

SYT attended the launch of Italian shipyard’s largest superyacht to date this afternoon in Savona, that of the 60 meter M60s model designed in her entirety by Luca Dini for an Italian owner. Named Sarastar, she is constructed entirely in aluminium and is the first of a series of vessels ranging from 41.5 to 64 meters.

An Italian marina is facing a hefty repair bill and numerous insurance claims after the wash from a brand new cruise ship destroyed one of its pontoons. As the CCTV footage up on Boat Show Avenue shows, the powerful surge from Carnival Vista’s engines overwhelmed the marina’s outer wall, buckling a pontoon and crushing several day boats.

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