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Aquarius has been at safe haven “Royal Huisman Amsterdam” for four weeks during Spring 2020. She departed this weekend. One of Royal Huisman’s main priorities is taking care of our fleet: not only throughout the warranty period but far into the future. And also in these extraordinary times caused by the Corona-virus.
A Royal Huisman yacht is designed and constructed to be as trouble-free and operationally efficient as can be, recognizing that the oceans are a testing environment. Owners and their teams welcome the reassurance that the Royal Huisman and Huisfit teams firmly stand behind the work done, providing expert advice, service and support: worldwide, but also at our deepwater Amsterdam location and at our headquarters in Vollenhove, Holland.
Aquarius’ captain James Tuner comments: “In a time of unprecedented uncertainty surrounding the implications of the recent global pandemic and the effect it had had on planning for the welfare of the vessel, her owners and crew we were offered the opportunity for safe and secure refuge at RH’s Amsterdam facility. Coupled with the unparalleled and unwavering support that we have received from Royal Huisman as one of their clients this opportunity held great assurance.
The opportunity also brought with it the possibility of ‘bringing Aquarius home’ returning her to the technical skill set of the shipyard where any vessel specific work could be carried out to its fullest with complete certainty as to the outcome and the satisfaction of her owners. I am most gratefully appreciative of this support that we continue to receive in all aspects from our extended family at Royal Huisman.”
Aquarius – Dykstra Naval Architects: Dykstra Naval Architects, Mark Whiteley Design, Godfrey Cray Maritime Ltd, Royal Huisman (2018). Learn and see more about this 56m / 184ft world cruising ketch: www.royalhuisman.com/Aquarius
Footage by Aquarius crew, music by Bensound.com, edit by Royal Huisman #takingcareofourfleet #troublefree #operationallyefficient #reassurance#service #advice #support #dykstranavalarchitects #markwhiteley #royalhuisman

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