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The 51m / 166ft classic schooner BORKUMRIFF IV (2002) is for sale. The challenging conditions of fishing the desolate foam streaked waters of the Grand Banks under sail in the 19th Century led to the development of the magnificent Gloucester schooners – vessels that could work under the most demanding sea conditions yet still race home at speed to achieve the highest price for their catch.
Like a true classic BORKUMRIFF IV has depth beyond the first read. She invites, indeed rewards closer inspection. The quality of the materials used throughout this magnificent yacht encourages your touch and welcomes your gaze. Consider the refined navigation and communication station. Let your hand rest upon the classic spoke steering wheel and imagine the sense of command. Feast your eyes across the acres of teak deck that lay beneath your feet. Feel the sailing experience that BORKUMRIFF IV presents. See more via www.royalhuisman.com/BorkumriffIV
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