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Infiniti Yachts are a new benchmark in super yachts; exclusive, visually stunning creations utterly bespoke in every respect. In order to deliver yachts to the highest possible standard, Infiniti Yachts partnered with prestigious builder Danish Yachts with one aim — the creation and construction of a revolutionary breed of yachts that redefines performance sailing in every respect.

Infiniti Yachts delivers the future of sailing to the world, now; offering luxury, high performance yachting with an unmatched blend of performance, comfort and style. The Infiniti 100S design has been developed in collaboration with the naval architecture of Welbourn Design, Design Unlimited’s interior design and the structural engineering of Gurit, ensuring that the Infiniti 100S is lighter, faster and more comfortable than any comparable monohull.

Each Infiniti Yacht is has the revolutionary Dynamic Stability System (DSS) at the core of its design. This patented technology increases the stability and thus the performance of the Infiniti yachts whilst reducing displacement, drag, pitching and heeling; meaning simply that the Infiniti yachts are faster and more comfortable than any comparable yacht without compromising security or interior volume by using either a canting keel or water ballast to improve performance.

No other company in the market has carried out such an extensive R&D process to prove that the design and technology truly redefines performance sailing.
Danish Yachts, specialists in the construction of advanced composite vessels in the luxury, commercial and military markets are the driving force behind the construction of the Infiniti yachts to the highest possible industry standard.

Infiniti Yachts has chosen to partner with YACHTZOO as the exclusive world-wide sales agent. YACHTZOO have offices in Monaco and Fort Lauderdale with an experienced and
knowledgeable team delivering an efficient and professional service for the sale and
charter of superyachts. The team is dedicated to delivering their added value
services and expertise in a discreet and personal manner whether buying, selling or
chartering a superyacht or indeed in the management of your yachting
lifestyle. YACHTZOO are proud of the long term and robust relationships they have
with their clients and excel in delivering the perfect yachting experience no matter
what level of support the client requires. | YACHTZOO, a breed apart

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