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The 44m / 143ft Royal Huisman world cruising ketch was launched in 1993 and is a fine example of pioneering, custom-built technologies in late 20th century yacht building. With nearly a quarter million of ocean miles under her keel, she still looks and sails like a dream. Juliet returned to Royal Huisman for Huisfit, the shipyard’s refit services, in Amsterdam, to “go green” and become future-proof, by embracing all the latest hybrid technology benefits. Read more at www.royalhuisman.com/news
Huisfit is offering a wide range of green solutions to reduce the use of energy. Hybrid conversions by Huisfit provide quality yachts of Juliet’s era with a lasting new lease of life. Owners can enjoy the exceptional lifestyle and environmental benefits of hybrid sailing, including silent operation, zero emissions, peak-shaving, shaft-generated power under sail and reduced fuel consumption, combined with enhanced operational flexibility and redundancy. See and learn more at www.huisfit.com/greensolutions
HUISFIT – Superyacht Refit, Rebuild and Renewal by Royal Huisman
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