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THE NEW CUSTODIAN – Royal Huisman Owners often take pleasure in recognizing that they have not only participated in the creation of a fine yacht to sail, but one which has kept alive the finest traditions of craftsmanship and will give enduring pleasure to future generations. “I’m not really the Owner of this wonderful work of art,” as one owner stated, “I’m just the custodian.”
From time to time, Royal Huisman yachts move into the care of “new custodians”. We spoke to the Owner of RAVENGER, which was delivered by the shipyard as Sea Eagle (I) in 2015. We asked about his views on owning such a yacht. Read the interview? www.royalhuisman.com/inhuis see inhuis winter 2020 – 2021 edition
Images via the Owner of Ravenger and by Marco Viotti #royalhuisman43 #frers #rhoadesyoung #newcustodian #royalhuisman

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