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So you’re looking for Sanlorenzo Yachts for sale. Here are 3 tips that yacht sellers don’t want you to know before buying your Sanlorenzo yacht!

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The Sanlorenzo purchase tips I show you in this video will make you feel more confident and comfortable when negotiating because they are all things your yacht seller doesn’t want you to know!

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Hey and thanks for checking out the Yacht Hunter YouTube channel. It’s my hope that this video and channel help you to buy your Sanlorenzo yacht at the best possible price so you can enjoy it more and protect your asset position at the time of sale.

I am most certainly a Sanlorenzo lover and while quality is of the utmost importance when buying, there is a method to the madness on how we determine the true price of any Sanlorenzo yacht.

I’m Chris Mortimer of www.theyachthunter.com and anyway I can help you as your buyer’s broker of with my new DIY Yacht Analysis, I would love the opportunity to work with you!

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